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about us

raw material, refined design
we are a premium wood accessories young brand. we wanted to create a design that would express the sense of balance between nature and a man, something simple but unique, modern, but timeless, luxurious, but without any complicated elements.

we - two twin brothers Sasha and Lex. our story begins in siberia where we grew up. it was there that we developed love for nature and were inspired to create the "twinswood" brand.

since 2013 we are engaged in manufacturing premium watches and accessories from exotic woods.
twinswood are brand born in the heart of russia - siberia. in this remote part of the earth time runs slower in a more simple and less hectic pace.

SIBERIA is the nature of stunning beauty, a huge area of wild forests no man has entered, where the high mountains flow into the endless plains and crystal clear rivers create deep lakes. nature is an integral part of our brand from the beginning. we wanted to reflect the image of this part of the earth in our accessories.

our priorities are special attention to every detail and the highest quality! the result is 100% customer satisfaction and 5 star feedback.

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feel free to write and leave feedback. we really love to communicate with our clients. we will answer any of your questions.
+7 9 222 222 962
the address: 
factory building, 43A toledova street, ekaterinburg, russia